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The shift to sustainable agriculture can be described as the system of ecological farming method based on scientific innovations. The purpose of sustainable agriculture is to produce healthy food that does not harm the land, air, water along with consumers' health.

We at Seed council try to encourage farmers to shift to this sustainable alternative and create a change in their agricultural production. We will help you develop your resources so that the farmers do not have to settle for average business practices and an average income.


Sustainable infrastructure is the drive to design, build and operate the day-to-day structural elements that supports the function and direction of human society in ways that do not disrupt the social, economic and ecological processes required to maintain human equity, diversity, and the balance of the natural system. The aim of the seed council is to find alternative strategies and financing options for communities to enhance their investment in sustainable infrastructure. Through this process we aim to help communities develop sustainable patterns of existence without harming the natural balance.



Sustainable energy and power is the alternative energy form that meets the demand of day to day energy and power requirements without the danger of depleting the resources so that they can be used by our future generations as well.

Seed council is working relentlessly to prompt the use of sustainable and renewable power and energy sources to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Our sustainable energy resources do not include any sources derived from waste products or fossil fuels hence it is replenishable and reduces greenhouse emissions.


    Sustainable healthcare aims towards the restoration, management and optimisation of human health which is environmentally, ecologically, and socially viable. It functions harmoniously with the human body as well as with the non-human environment. We at Seed are providing suggestions to the healthcare system how they can reduce the waste so that it does not result in the unfair or disproportionate impacts on any significant contributory element of the healthcare system.


Sustainable manufacturing is the process of creating products through economically sound processes that minimize the harsh impact on the environment while conserving natural and energy resources. It is also a better alternative to enhance the product safety, employee and product safety.

Seed is working towards creating awareness about sustainable manufacturing to increase operational efficiency by reducing waste and cost and also to build long-term business viability and success. It is a greener alternative to minimize the wastage and pollution to ensure the safety of the ecosystem and human lives.


: Sustainable transportation or popularly known as “green transportation” makes use of renewable energy instead of using petroleum or other fossil fuels which are constantly damaging our planet.

The team of Seed council working tirelessly to spread the awareness among people to adopt green or sustainable transportation means. Instead of using fuel runned vehicles we can shift towards cycling or walking which is harmless towards the environment and also beneficial to our health.


We are a India based Group with an international network of 40 plus offices in over 30 countries, offering access to the expert knowledge and skills of professionals globally.


Sustainable small businesses are working towards reducing environmental damage by strategizing business ideas that reduce environmental impact without impacting the profit margin.

Seed is open to provide consultancies to these small businesses who are looking for a more sustainable alternative to run their business without impacting the income. We are providing solutions to regulate the waste and aim towards maximizing productivity.



Public Private Partnership basically refers to a combined service provided by both the government and the private sectors. This model is considered the best way to receive quality service at economically sustainable options.

Seed provides ideologies for the public private relationship for any project where the coherent knowledge of government as well as the private sector comes together. Merging these two systems into one is the best option for a sustainable economic behaviour.



With the current pandemic going on most of the companies have switched to digital means to operate their work. Digital transformation helps businesses to gain profit with less investment and manual labour.

Seed helps businesses to understand the process of digital marketing and how it works so that you can convert your regular average business into a technologically advanced one to amplify your service to a global audience.



: A sustainable environment action is a broad statement of an organization's overall environment action plan and good environmental practice on a day to day basis. It is a more detailed and dedicated plan to define specific targets, actions and responsibilities to limit environmental damage.

Seed is one of the dedicated organisations whose prime aim is to limit ecological damage by promoting sustainable environment actions. We provide solutions and alternatives on how to protect the environment by switching to sustainable options.



Sustainable trade and supply chain fully dedicated towards environmentally secure trading practices so that no one has to face shortage or crisis of resources at the time of need.

Seed helps in the proper planning of management of resources by understanding risk analysis to help towards crisis management. It ultimately contributes towards inducing right resource management so that the supply chain can come into a sustainable mood.



: A sustainable food production system follows a pesticide free and healthy food production procedure by valuing the ecology and being mindful towards the limited natural resources.

Seed council is working towards educating farmers about the sustainable resource efficient food production system so that they can generate a decent income without damaging the environment and reduce greenhouse emissions.


We will help you to deliver your best.