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‘Socio-Economic’ describes social and financial solution whose main objective is to contribute to the development and prospering people and planet, today and in the future. First and foremost this means simultaneously taking into account the social, environmental, cultural and economic impacts of activities on all levels, with the aim of reducing their negative and increasing their positive effects on the common good.
Socio Economic Emerging Development council have mission to create financial literacy among enterprise, communities and people, so that our economy always in sustainable mode. We do research, educate and associate with concern network for develop methodology and program for welfare. We aim for a world where economy contributes to a sustainable development of people and planet. We exchange knowledge to enable continuous change and innovation.


Vision & Mission

Our vision is to develop Sustainability worldwide and empower engaged, committed global citizen to make informed and responsible decisions and collectively build a sustainable future.

Our mission is to expand sustainable economy, skills, and mindset that motivate individuals to become deeply committed to build a sustainable future by 2030. SEED provides citizens and organizations providing solutions on sustainability challenges with stakeholders. Sharing these indicators to support sustainable development via financial freedom, skills and natural resource management, increasing productivity of Agro foods.



Being a Sustainability warrior, we emphasis on circular economy where life can sustain in much easier way. We are developing sustainablepublic private partnership models on Renewable energy, Agro foods, and Self sustainable micro business co creating Social Entrepreneurship. These projects makes life social as well as economical good for our society. By virtue Fintech is our growth and development factor in sustainability for society. We work strategically on financial methodologies with micro business optimization along with human basics sustainability solutions with support of #UNDP #SDG2030



A K Pandey


Rajeev Sharma

Co founder

Vijay P Tiwari

Global Community Head

GD Balasubramanim

Global Strategy Head


Ms. AmanKaur


Mr. Sukhdev Singh


Mr. Abhishek


Mr. Ajay Shukla


Dr. Alok Prasad Sinha



( Dubai, UAE)

Mr. Anand

( Toronto, Canada)

Mr. Manoj K Govindan

(New York,USA)


We works at the intersection of humanitarian assistance, sustainable development and financial inclusion to save lives, advance equity and secure strong futures. We support communities at the forefront of their own development in more than 35 countries, partnering with local leaders, governments, civil society and the private sector to achieve a shared vision of a more just, prosperous and equitable global community.

We are ready to give Nation's First Financial Institution in terms of Financial sustainability where primarily focus for Lower Income group, middle class and Micro business growth provide financing and policy advice to low and middle-income people



We are a India based Group with an international network of 40 plus offices in over 30 countries, offering access to the expert knowledge and skills of professionals globally.



We will help you to deliver your best.